Guidelines for E-posters


Abstracts selected for E-posters are requested to prepare an e-poster which can be viewed at the e-poster stations in the Cromdale Hall throughout the Meeting (11-14 Sept). 

Electronic posters or e-posters are similar to traditional paper posters, but displayed on-site on a large LCD television screen.

Please note there will be no paper\printed posters at ESID 2017.


Abstracts selected for E-poster Discussion Presentation are requested to prepare an E-poster. Parallel E-poster discussion sessions will be taking place during lunch breaks on: 12 and 13 September. Exact scheduling will be emailed to the corresponding author of the abstract and will be in the Interactive programme.

​All participants are invited to the E-poster Stations to hear the short presentations and to ask questions. Please note that there are a number of parallel e-poster discussions taking place at the same time, consisting of a number of e-posters in each session. Each e-poster discussion session will be guided by a moderators.

E​ach presenter has been allocated 5 minutes to present his/her E-poster, which includes 2 minutes for discussion. Presenters should be at the E-poster viewing stations 10 minutes before the start of their session and remain there until the session has finished. 

Preparation of E-Posters

Each E-Poster must be submitted as a single page PDF document with a size of 1080 by 1536 pixels or 381 by 542 mm in portrait orientation.

You can enrich your E-Poster by embedding a video (30 seconds) into your E-Poster. Your E-Poster has to be saved in the .pptx format if you use a video. Afterwards, please upload your PowerPoint E-Poster file online, which includes your videos. If you do not have videos included, your E-Poster must be submitted as a PDF. PPT-Files will not be accepted.

E-poster Submission links were provided by email, please follow the personal upload link you received. If you havn't recieve any emial regarding uploading your E-poster, please contact:

You can find the E-Poster templates with the required dimensions in the link below:

Please contact the E-Poster-Support Team ( at any time

should you have any questions. 


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